Progress-Based grades will give us a clearer understanding of how students understanding of content and development of skills can improve as we move further into the school year. 

Now that we've made the significant change to Remote Learning, these grades will be used for MP2, in order for us to have progress-based discussions about your work for all classes. These marks will lead to discussions about everyone's positive forward movement in their learning. 

No doubt, this is different, but it will give us a great place to start the conversations about academic progress in this new learning space we're all figuring out. 

Thank you in advance for your flexibility in thinking, and we appreciate the hard work everyone is engaged with at this time. 

Please direct any questions you have to teachers and guidance counselors first, but certainly reach out to other members of the Wagner family should you need anything. 


Exceeds Standards (ME)

Exceeds well beyond the requirements of the course.

Displays deep understanding of content, and demonstrates mastery of disciplinary skills. 

Above Standards (MA)

Exceeds the requirements of the course.

Displays firm understanding of content, and is approaching mastery of disciplinary skills. 

Meets Standards (MT)

Meets the requirements of the course. Displays understanding of content, and shows progress with disciplinary skills.

Would benefit from additional support in this subject. 

Approaching Standards (MP)

Meets some requirements of the course, while struggling with most others. Displays uneven understandings of content, and shows minor progress with disciplinary skills. 

Needs additional attention outside of class sessions. 

Below Standards (MB)

Struggles to meet basic standards of the course. Displays little understanding of content, and shows little to no progress with disciplinary skills. Needs immediate additional attention. Guidance counselor will follow up for academic counseling discussions with families.